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Portable Bluetooth speakers are the replacement for conventional loudspeakers. They are smaller and they have the added advantage of being without bumbling lengths of cable.  Bluetooth speakers have a very colourful history that started when Ernst Siemens developed an upgrade to electric loudspeakers in 1877. He did it in response to the similar invention patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Centuries after, we have a myriad of Bluetooth speakers that do not look like the original invention. Bluetooth speakers are an invaluable ad

Tim is a sound engineer and hardware developer   He woks with a hardware manufacturing company in the central New York district. Tim has also worked as a studio engineer for a number of major recording studios in the US. He worked with Atlantic Records for six years.

Tim also does a bit of software programming and his latest project was purchased by software company for use in computer security networks. Tim can be reached on his social media accounts or via his official website.

He occasionally writes on tech and hardware when the editors can get the right spin on him. Tim lives near a railway line and he believes that that is the single worst form of torture ever invented.