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Jungle Scout Coupons: 60% Off Coupon Codes & Offers

E-commerce is now at a boom, so much that there are thousands of sellers on e-commerce sites these days. And among all these e-commerce websites the most common one is Amazon. Amazon has many sellers all selling a variety of products, but how can one get a good idea about what to sell and what not to sell?

This dilemma can be sorted by a research tool called jungle scout that is exclusive for Amazon sellers for researching about products and their sales pattern. It can help in tracking different types of products, exploring them, find opportunities regarding those products, find about the sales data of competitors etc. It is available both as a chrome extension and a web application.

Find product:

Finding a particular product to sell which is in a demand but has lower competition rate can be difficult and Save 60% money using jungle scout discount codes, but with Activate Jungle scout Coupon one can easily launch oneself as a seller who has less competition but is dealing ina high demand environment. Using the product database catalogue one can search millions of products using important keywords related to the product. Some of the important metrics to keep in mind are estimated sales, rating, demand, price, seasonality etc.  one can also use Niche Hunter feature which will provide one with all the types of products in that particular niche.

Track the product:

One can also keep an eye on the product one has chosen by adding them to the product tracker, which will allow one to observe product related activity through it. this is a really important feature to be used before one decides on one particular product to check the market performance of the product.

Check the demand:

This is really important for starting to sell a certain product, as demand can only tell if a product will sell or not. also having estimate demand in hand one can decide upon the number of sales one can achieve in a month. One can check the sales rate of the top ten sellers of that niche or product by simply searching your favourite product on and then use the web extension to get the list of sellers. Also one needs to see that the sales are well distributed between the sellers and not just concentrated into one or two.

Check the competition:

One should always first check the type of competition they are dealing with by knowing how many sellers are there for a particular product. One needs to pay attention to the reviews, as reviews tell a lot of things. Choosing a product which has many sellers but only one or two have the maximum number of reviews means the product category is highly competitive. One can easily find the number of reviews using the jungle scout extension. If one finds out that the top few sellers have only a few customer reviews like 40-50 then it is a good opportunity to choose that product.

Estimate the sales:

With this extension, one can also estimate the sales of a product of any particular category by using their best selling ranking (BSR). All one needs to do is choose the category of product, market place and start the BSR plugin, this will give a clear idea of the competition and sales estimate within a few seconds.